Production Notes
Pre-production is almost complete on Old Soldiers Never Die... In the last few weeks, we
have created shot lists, finished location scouting, conducted a visual f/x test, and made
a face mold (to the right) of the only actor currently cast, Greg Ferrisi. I'm happy to be
working with Greg again after co-producing A Modern Romance last summer. I was
elated to find that he enjoyed my script enough to want to play the part of Peter Kozak.

In the next month, after a few false starts, I hope to have the casting locked down. This is
an ambitious first film, and I'm hoping to rise to the challenge. The core creative team
behind A Modern Romance will be returning. Brian Lynch will be my director of
photography as well as a co-editor, visual effects supervisor, and co-producer. My
brother Sean P. Collins will be returning as an assistant director, co-editor, co-producer,
and composer for the film's soundtrack. I've written the script, will be co-producing, and
will be making my directorial debut.

I hope to make regular updates to this site covering all aspects of the production. Until
the next update...

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After a long pre-production period, principle photography on Old Soldiers Never Die...
will begin on August 24th. After several months, the cast has been set, the locations
have been scouted, the special effects have been worked out, and the schedule has
been finalized.

We will be shooting the most difficult (in more ways than one) scene first. Shooting
should be completed by September 21st. Hopefully, post-production will be finished by
the end of November; just in time for festival season.

Check back here for regular updates. Until then, take care.

(Cinematograher Update!)

Hello all. We're way past due for an update here. Things have been coming together
nicely since the last update. We've knocked out  2 of the 4 days of principal
photography. Last weekend would have been the 3rd if nature hadn't intervened. It
looks like the rain might be rearing it's ugly head again putting us off at least another
week. Though Brandon and I will probably be picking up some 2nd unit stuff if between

We've actually shot the most technically complex scenes over the first 2 days so the
rest of the shoot (as far as my job is concerned) should be easier. Though that's all
relative. The shot list on this film is very ambitious with lots of moving camera shots.
But that's what I love to do so I'm looking forward to the last 2 days.

So far the actors have done a fantastic job and the footage looks great. Brandon and I
have started editing the scenes we've shot so far. The rough cuts are coming together
nicely and I've started some preliminary work on some of the effects shots that need to
be done. I'm very excited to be part of this film and I can't wait to see it finished.

I've been acting as a stills photographer so I've posted  a few of the pictures from the
first two shooting days to the left. Click on picture to "embiggen."

Until next time,

We're coming into the homestretch for principal photography on Old Soldiers Never
Die... After some scheduling difficulties, and with Mother Nature finally cooperating, we
managed to complete our outdoor and basement scenes last weekend. It was a rather
gruelling weekend at that. Brian, Ray, and myself spent much more time than I think any
of us wanted to shooting in the damp confines where our story unfolds; it was more
than worth it. We truly captured some great images, and I can't wait to share them with
you all.

After viewing a rough cut of the scenes that were shot, I can say that this film looks
fantastic, and it will feature some riveting performances from everyone involved. My
hat goes off to Brian Lynch for guiding me through my directorial debut. If he wasn't
there to facilitate and improve upon my vision for the look of this film, it wouldn't look
nearly as good. I am firmly indebted to you Brian, thank you very much. What can I say
about Ray Boutin? Maybe I shouldn't say anything and just let this performance speak
for itself. I will say that the man is a natural. He has brought such gravitas and pathos to
the character that had previously only lived in my mind. It's eerie to see Chester Kozak
come alive and haunt the film as much as he's haunted by outside forces. I think
everyone will agree once they see this film, that this man can play any and every role he
chooses to. Truly remarkable.

I will try and be back with a more regular update starting next week.

Until then,